Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My heart tripped in Sydney!

Finally I'm back from my shortest trip to Sydney!!! It was a crazy and hectic 5 days trip since I had to go to lots of different places in such a short time. It was actually really windy over there but the outfits that I brought were totally ready for a Spring season! So I ended up doing some shopping for Winter clothing (well I guess it's another reason to spend hahahaha).
was wearing Sportsgirl parka, thrifted faux fur vest, ASOS belt, ZARA latex leggings, Dotti combat boots, and Balenciaga city in Pomegranate

My first impression on Sydney was 'Am I in China or what?!!' No offence or being racist here (i myself is a Chinese), but EVERYWHERE in Sydney was full of Chinese (even the sales assistant at Hermes)!!!! I felt that I went overseas not over east. The city has a really good vibe and alive though. If one day I have to move to Sydney for good, I'll make sure that I live in the city not in the suburban area. I don't know why but I don't feel it there, might be that I've been living in Perth for TOO long! But don't worry, if I have the chance to live in NYC, I'll die for it!!!!!! Hahahaha

The best Green Tea Brulee at Makoto.


  1. I love Sydney, it's such a great city!

  2. yes! lots of awesome stuff to explore there :)