Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frock Stars exhibition!

Out of all the places I went, the one that I enjoyed the most was the trip to Powerhouse Museum. Lucky me, I made it to the Frock Stars exhibition sponsored by Rosemount to celebrate the 15th year of Australian Fashion Week. The exhibition is on till October 10, 2010, so if you haven't been to the exhibition yet, you better make your way there like RIGHT NOW! It's such a great opportunity since this doesn't happen every year, so don't miss it out!!! The exhibition takes you from backstage to front row, from the designer's work room to the final dresses; all in one. When I got there I freaked out in excitement and was like all over the place enjoying the setting and the scenes, it was totally worth the $5 ticket! here are some of my founding that I thought shall be shared with all of yous :)

Dress by Dion Lee. Simply in love with the draping details there!

A simple printed tee dress by Karen Walker (2000). It is effortlessly chic (or maybe the setting and pearl for the prop make this dress stands out).

Great creation by someone (I forgot the name), but love the innovative use of the rubbish bag as a full skirt. Adore the pleating details at the top.  
The Shell Shoes. Somehow it always reminds me of Miu Miu heels. It's not Miu Miu's btw.

Who wouldn't kill to walk in these heels?! I said this not bcos it's another genius creation from Louboutin, but look how sexy these heels are! Remind me of a sexy kitten LOL

Nicola Finetti's workroom.

One of NF's stunning dresses. Look at the craftmanship that went to the middle dress!!!!! W O W!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the sophistication in the details.

Peter Chang Genius creation of an expensive plastic bracelet. It took him 246hours to do this piece! It's HUMONGOUS in real life btw, I can't imagine myself wearing it, I probably will be stuck to my handbags' handles LOL. I think it's too unique to be worn in real life :)

I was wearing Witchery denim shirt, Stella Forrest leather mini skirt, Sportsgirl silver pearl bracelet, Myer leather biker gloves, Dotti Combat boots and Balenciaga city in Pomegranate 

What do you think of the very short tour of the exhibition? Interested to go there now? You better be! Hahahaha.


  1. I like the third dress, it's almost Lady Gaga-ish! And I love your denim shirt!

  2. Amazing dresses! And you look so pretty!
    new follower now! hope u follow me back!
    kiss from Greece!

  3. awww thanks hun :) i just read your blog and followed back (in bloglovin') :)