Friday, October 22, 2010

It is still Spring!

The weather over here is a bit all over the place, it's sunny, cloudy and windy on the same day making it difficult to decide on what to wear! I don't want to wear something so summery because it will be cold thanks to the wind, but I can't wear my shearling jacket either, I'll be burning hot! Please weather don't make me spend more than 30mins just to get dress to uni or work!!!!! Hahahaha..

So here is what I was wearing to work yesterday.

Playsuit from, CUE boyfriend blazer, Sportsgirl accessories and oxford.

I just bouth the playsuit last week from and it arrived on Tuesday, so I've decided to wear it yesterday as the weather was sunny and yet windy (that's why I need to pair the playsuit with the boyfriend blazer). I bought another playsuit from as well and I really really can't wait to wear it when the weather gets a bit warmer :):) 

I borrowed the straw hat from my workplace as I am still looking for the perfect one to complete my summer look! What do you think about the whole outfit? Love it or hate it?

I have also updated my LOOKBOOK. Check it out here :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An exclusive offer

So all of yous have probably read my previous post on, if you haven't here is the link to go straight to the post. Well, lucky you The Urban Apparel is giving all of my lovelies readers an exclusive offer of 15% discount on BOTH sale and non-sale items!

photo courtesy of

All you have to do is simply type the code "Exclusive Discount" during the checkout! It is as simple as that and you're entitled of 15% off EVERYTHING!!!!! The code expired on November 30th, 2010. So start your wardrobe makeover now!

The Urban Apparel just launched the new collections called the "Brit City Gear" and you can check it out here. Inspired by the iconic Union Jack and the Brits, this collection embraces the young, fun and irreverent look with cheeky tees, dandy shirts, statement rings, and watches in rich vivid colours. Sounds like you? Then check it out!

Here are some of the items that I am loving!

Loving this Stripe Slim-Fit Shirt! The knotting is totally the in!

If you love my "Love" knuckle ring, then this is another one to crave for! Loving the simplicity!! 

Absolutely the Brits with glitz! It reminds me of one of McQueen's ring! FABULOUS!

Key Bell Brass Ring. Simply adorable!

Strong and over the top accessorising is definitely the key item this season! 
Anything you like so far? Better grab it before anyone else does.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stay tuned!

I'm currently organising a special offer for my special readers :)
So stay tuned on the latest update on my blog just by following this blog on both blogspot and bloglovin'!

Won't be long lovelies, I'll be back with surprises!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Delivery day!

It's definitely my super happy day today! Guess what arrived at the door just then?! It's my order from Net-a-porter!!!!! I recently purchased a Miu Miu matelasse clutch that I have adored for a while but was sold out. The minute I saw that Net-a-porter already stocked it back, I asked my mum immediately if I could use her card. Yes I am pathetic I have no Credit Card at the age of 19 :(:( Anywhos, I bought the clutch right away on Thursday and wasn't expecting that it will come today!   

The beautiful box that the clutch came in with

Miu Miu Matelasse clutch
I bought the clutch for 286GBP and hoping that it wouldn't be doubled when converted to AUD, thank God AUD is very strong right now! (Did I just talk about politics and friends just then?) Anywhos, good things really happen when unexpected and thanks to Net-a-porter for making my boring day better!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

S for sequins and shorts

Just bought the Secret Squirrels sequin cardi from Pigeonhole (my all time fave boutique!) and the black shorts from the Urban Depot at Leederville. When I was about to buy the shorts, I wasn't too sure whether to buy or not since honestly I don't fancy my legs, they're HUGE!!!!! But the girl was telling me that there is no shorts that are too short anymore! Good point so I decided to get it! Hahahaha, the assistant had me! 

My fave knuckle rings, from Lovisa (left) and Sportsgirl (right)

I've been really really packed with assignments and work, I would love to reply everyone's comments (not that I have a lot haha) and blog everyday but I just don't have the time yet! But promise all of yous, once I'm done with these useless assignments I will update my blog regularly, so follow my blog as I will keep and share with you my beautiful findings this season :)

u-oh not to forget to mention that I've updated my Lookbook as welll. Click here to see and hype it :) xx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 giveaway!!

Another giveaway by is on now!!!! Not on my blog unfortunately but check out Sabrina's blog at for your chance to win the most gorgeous Balenciaga bracelet!!! Just follow the prompts and you might be a click away in winning this gorgeous statement piece :)

photo source: 


Style that fits your budget (

I just came across an online shopping website that I reckon all of yous will love :) is the perfect destination for those who seek for an edgy and unique streetwear clothing that help you express who you are. The website stocks both women and menswear and they are both unique. What I love about the clothes is that they are mostly basics wear with twists so that you can wear them a million different ways! And best of all they are easy on the pocket with an excellent quality!! Here are some of the things that I would want to get once I have the extra cash sometime soon


I want and NEED the polkadot jumpsuit so bad!!!! It's getting hot over here and I need summer outfits hahahah. The deer ring is very unique and I am currently in love with safari themed rings.

The website offers shipping to America, Asia Pacific (this includes Australia YES!), and Europe with low price for the shipping and handling (it's only AUD10 for standard shipping to Australia). So care to take a look at the website? You might find something you love that no one else has yet! 

What do you think? Care to share? xx 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a dreamer!

I've recently joined a competition to win a Givenchy Neo bag thanks to who is doing the giveaway! I need a lot more supporters and voters for the look that I submitted to the competition on I was hoping that all of yous, the sweethearts, can help me out :):):) 

All you have to do is just click here to be directed to my stylebook page, create an account and give hearts (the vote) to an extend that you think I deserve to get :):) It's really quick and easy to create the account, promise! 

This is my look 

The competition is to create an Autumn/Fall look using items from, of course there's no need to purchase the items as it's all available online at 

I might be a click away from winning this bag! Hahahahah. If you have decided to join the competition too, let me know I can vote for your look as well :) Wish me luck! The entry closes on October 1st, 2010 and will let all of yous know the result of course! 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

New look posted at LB! :)

Sorry I've been MIA for quite a while thanks to my assignment! Yesterday me and my friend went to the city as I needed to take photos around for my assignment! And btw, EVERYTHING's ON MID SEASON SALE OVER HERE!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Will do a bit of shopping before going to work today! hahahaha.. How are yous all going? been having a good week?


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Myer Fashion Luncheon

PFF has officially started on September 9! The Myer fashion Luncheon happening on September 10, was the first show that I attended. Lucky it was such a beautiful sunny day or else my hair will just be a disaster!! Hahahaha. 

The event was showcasing the S/S 2010 collections of various Australian Designers such as Nina Maya, Nicola Finetti, Wayne Cooper, Jayson Brunsdon, Leona Edmiston, Manning Cartell, Aurelio Costarella, Maticevski, and Bettina Liano. These labels are of course available at Myer. I had the booklet listing the different designers and prices but I lost it and I am pretty absent-minded. But I'll try remembering which collection is which and hopefully I had it right hahaha. Unfortunately I didn't get the right seat to take good photographs, I tried my best capturing the outfits though. Enjoy!

The crowd
It's all about prints and colours.

Go for Grecian drapery and nude colours for a chic look

or pants and cardi for a perfect Spring outfit.
Love love love this jersey wrap/drape dress! Perfect for the day or night out! SImply gorgeous

Maxi or mini dress? It's all in one. Gorgeous print and very feminine silhouette 

Looking for something more sparkly and sexy? Nina Maya Sequin dress is the perfect choice!

Looking for a classic piece? this Manning Cartell A-line dress is very classical and feminine!

Jade is another alternative colour this season! Another one from Manning Cartell

Simple yet classy. As I remember the skirt is by Jayson B. Love the material and the look!

Yes, one shoulder is still the 'it' thing this season. The wrap, the drapery and the colour just pops for Spring and Summer

From chic and edgy, Manning Cartell certainly knows its audience very well!

Something light-weight without the feathers? Bettina's collection is linge-licious.

Sexy leggings from Betinna
Nude scallop leather dress with a feather balero.

More structural piece!
Lovely Gold-ish yellow dress. perfect for a gala dinner!

A statement maxi dress
This season it's all about nude, Grecian drapery, fitted, patterns, scallop cut, rust colour (red orange) and jade. So get your gear on for Spring and Summer with these pieces before the seasons are gone with the wind :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Have you ever heard of AJE, an Australian label established by Edi and Aje? Well if you haven't, you better read this post till the end as I'm uploading their amazing collection! :)
One Shoulder Embellished Sequin Dress. OMGGG!!! I COULD DIE RIGHT NOWWW!!! The dress is super stunning, I'm speechless! LOVE!
A clever combination of sequin and jodhpur pants. Boyish but is still chic! Dress it up or down, it's your choice darling!

Gorgeous Embellished Sequin Top. Did you notice that the sleeves are actually designed to wrapped like gloves? Very feminine yet edgy! LOVE!

The Leather Pony Shift Dress. A very simple silhouette but is still unique in terms of the texture and the materials used!

The pictures above are just a few pieces from the collection that I picked out and thought really worth spending your bucks on! Go to their website (click here) and check out their complete collection and find out the nearest stockist in your area or you can even get it delivered to your door by shopping through their e-shopping.

So, do you think sequins are still in this season? I think it is still one of the statement pieces for the season in Australia. I personally reckon that sequins are a classic piece, it always comes back to fashion. ALWAYS!

Love it or hate it? I would love to hear from you xx

Photo source:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Beyond Garment Launch

So the Beyond Garment Launch was happening at 6.30pm at the Maritime Museum. It was my first time going to such an event and I was totally excited to meet and mingle with new people :) This is what I was wearing to the event.

Maurie & Eve singlet sequins dress, Zomp wedge

The event started with glass of champagne and finger food (they are very yummy indeed)! And then followed up by the opening speech by Mr Coles (Museum chief) and Flora (from PFF). Let me tell you a bit about The Beyond Garment exhibition, it is an exhibition showcasing fashion pieces by some of Western Australia's most creative designers and artists. The exhibition was launched after the 6 models did a short runway showcasing the main art pieces in the exhibitions. 

"Petal" dress by Alister Yiap. Love it and really wanna see it on! :)

Alister Tiap and Me. He's totally down-to-earth and adorable :) love him! check out his line by clicking here

Another one by Alister Yiap named Glacious Ring. Yes the ring is deliciously made up of sterling silver.
The Gold Clog by Zomp. My wishlist is just getting longer now!
This is the wedge that I was wearing, except mine is a plain black :) another one from Zomp 

How lovely are these oxford?!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Great job Marie Mazzuri!

"Trans-For-M-otion (I)" by Eunjeong Jeon. Look at the craftsmanship that goes to this piece. It's very Victorian, don't you think?

Creation of Jocelyn Tan. Love the outfit on the right, reminds me of grecian drapery but very edgy!

I really like the flats! Very vintage and totally in love! Another one by Jocelyn Tan

Infinity Blossom by Kristen Hudston. The colour was achieved using spray!!

L-R: Tallulah, Fame, Diva necklace or statement piece by Sophie Kryon, What I love about these necklaces is it dresses up a plain black outfit to a runway worthy dress! Will definitely look up for the stockist and perhaps starting to collect them ;) I love the third one on the right. Very classy and stylish!!!! 

Don't worry this is only the launch night, the exhibition will start tomorrow September 3 till November 28, 2010. It's FREE entry, so why waste a chance of witnessing these talented designers creating their imagination? The exhibition is at the Maratime Museum, Fremantle. This will worth the trip! :)

A big thanks for PFF who gave an accreditation to me, really appreciate it!! 

So what do you guys think? Which one/s do you like? Ciao for now :)