Tuesday, August 31, 2010

awesome tuesday news! :)

 I have a very very good news for all of yous (and me)!!!! I am granted a media accreditation from Perth Fashion Festival for a couple of shows!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! The shows are Beyond Garment Launch (it's this Thursday, Sept 2) and Wesley Quarter (Sunday, Sept 12). So keep checking my blog to find out more about this experience and of course the reviews of the shows :) xx

Relaxing day out!

It's such a pity that I haven't been updating my blog regularly as uni assignments are getting on my way :( But today I had a chance to take a few photos around Leederville as it's my study week break!!! YEAYYY!!! The weather wasn't going too well over here, it was raining all day (well most of the day). 

Me and my friend went to Leederville to try this french cafe called Francois as they have beautiful looking desserts and macarons. It was a bit disappointing though as the girl wasn't very friendly and she's a bit unprofessional in food handling as she packed my dessert using her BARE HANDS! Yes no gloves no nothing! I'm usually not a clean freak but it annoyed the hell out of me! The desserts that I bought was the Pistachio with Choc Mousse and Raspberry with White Choc Mousse, they weren't as awesome as I expected them to be and the macarons weren't that amazing either! There's hardly any paste in it! Gosh what an experience! But love the place it's quiet and calm, a good place to relax when it's wet and windy outside.

parka from Sprotsgirl, Shirt from Witchery, Leather Skirt from Stella Forrest, accessories from Sportsgirl

Accessories from Sportsgirl, Clutch: Coach.
Help me hype this look at LookBook? :) xx

Giveaway from Kats Love Fashion!!

I just found another up and coming fashion blog by Kats Love Fashion. Check our her blog as she's giving a giveaway right now!!!! You gotta be in it to win it! visit her blog to find out more about the competition :) Click Here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitten pumps are so FIERCE!

Whoever says that these low heels aren't doing the job is totally wrong! The A/W fashion shows proof that these kitten heels are totally FIERCE and kill the runway! From Stella McCartney to the classic Louboutin, they all lowering down its height (perhaps because lots of runway models fall on the catwalk). Here are some of my personal preferences ;)

Photo source: mytheresa.com 

These McCartney is very classy and feminine, the classic pointy toes combined with the slingback perfect for the gala night out and summer. Flawless!

photo source: net-a-porter.com

Not sure what style suits you? Well this Louboutin's Decoltissimo 85 patent pumps is definitely your solution. Attention to details of the shape, these patent heels is perfect for everyday life to the perfect night out, it will go with everything in your wardrobe. Trust me.

photo source: net-a-porter.com

Feel that all of the above are too plain for you? Then this studded patent leather Miu-Miu is what you need to rock the red carpet. The studs are just at the right size without being over the top and still emphasis the heels as the focal point.

What do you think about these kitten heels? Love it or hate it? x

Modelling isn't that easy after all!

Oh no! Today has been a real long and tiring day! I had to take pictures around my campus for my current project of designing a booklet for Curtin's International Students. Have I told you that I'm doing graphic design there? Well if I haven't, now you know :) I just realised that the assignment is due next Tuesday! I have no idea how I'm going to pull it off and make it work. Anyway, me and my friends were posing for each other as we need a few people in the photographs. It was really funny and fun doing it! Here are some pictures I've taken :)

This is a really funny picture accidentally taken as I was just telling the guys to lean forward to Caitlin! Look at their faces! FAKE! HAHAHAHA

A good faked-but-doesn't-look-fake photo! Good job guys!
How cool is she?! Totally love the combo of maxi dress and leather jacket! Her name is Fionn M. and I took this photo for my other assignment. 

I am still waiting for a photo of myself from my friends' cameras, so lo' and behold my friends! Come back and check my new look! Ciao for now xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

Amelia Earhart is back, go get your gears ready girls!

I know she's been around since the 1900 but I guess she's still in at the fashion world these days! From ZARA to ASOS take her on the inspiration board and came up with the ultimate aviator leather jacket. 

ASOS Aviator Leather Jacket
I personally fell in love with ZARA's jacket more than anything! Pair this leather jacket with the perfect white blouse with scarf and wide leg pants, don't forget to team it up with the classic aviator sunglasses! So are you girls ready to fly on with style?! Thanks to Amelia for taking us on board xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

McQueen Laptop Case

I totally need a break from my assignments and I happened to find this gorgeous McQueen laptop case exclusive to Net-a-Porter!!!!!! 
Photo Source: Net-a-Porter

It is a leather trimmed canvas case with the classic skull signature! It is only available at Net-a-Porter!! So if you have no clue on what to splurge yourself on, this might be the one you're after :) I really want it since I missed out on Marc by Marc Jacobs leopard laptop case, but it costs USD395 :(:( What I love about this laptop case is not just the skull print but the style of the zipper is very McQueen!!!!! Love it or hate it?

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

It's mid of August already!!!!! I'm uber excited for the upcoming events Perth Fashion Festival 2010 on 9-15 September. Have you got your tix to the shows yet? if you haven't go grab them now as they are walking out the doors now! Me and my friends are attending the Myer Fashion luncheon on Fri, Sept 10 and the Student Runway on Mon, Sept 13. 

Supposedly one of my work friends, Lauren, is show casing on the Student Runway  but she couldn't make it anymore :(:( But I'm hoping she has a fabulous time at the Newcastle Fashion Week. She has one fabulous fashion line called Eve of Adam (loving the name itself)!

Frolic with the Frill Dress by Eve of Adam

photo source: www.eveofadam.com.au

The picture above is one of Lauren's stunning creations. Eve of Adam for me is very classy but still youthful and girly without being too girly girl! If you're interested in her collection check the website out and maybe give her a call :)

I've always been looking forward for PPF each year and would love to get involve especially for the backstage helper, unfortunately I've missed out on the application to be the little helper this year, but I just applied for a media accreditation pass, hopefully I'm one of the chosen ones (finger crossed)!!! That way I can tell all of yous about the show and the wonderful collections :)

If you have bought your ticket to PFF, tell me which show are you going to? Have you got a fab outfit to walk the show? ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I wore yesterday

I am totally flatted out this week! So many things to do in so little time! I have to look for a few dresses or outfits for the Perth Fashion Festival events coming up as well as my friend's wedding!! With no luck I am still stuck with nothing but I'll wait for Veronika Maine's campaign dresses (in store Sept 5th)! Totally can't wait and finger crossed they will look super STUNNING, or else I'll end up walking the catwalk naked!

Last night me and my friends went to the City and I bought this book (below). The main reason me buying the book was for my assignment but I know deep down inside I bought it since I've had my eyes on it ages ago. 

Cue lace fitted should pad top, Stella Forrest leather mini skirt, Cue leather cuffs, Sportsgirl ring and bracelet, and Zomp wedges.

we went to greens & co. afterwards and just chillax! I have work tomorrow too! Gosh, I think I need to cut my working hours since I spend more time working rather than studying :( Ciao for now! xx

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not a good day to start the weekend!

yes, it's my very bad day today! The weather is not doing any better too! I bought my tripod before work today and grabbed it for a total bargain, thanks to the man who lowered down the price after I told him that I couldn't afford anything above $100! LOL. The start of the day was fun, I fiddled around with my new 'toy' before work and here are my best shots!

I was wearing Witchery denim shirt, Zara khaki pants, Zara skinny brown belt, ASOS wooden heels, Chloe Saskia Large, Cue black leather cuffs, Sportsgirl silver pearl bracelet.

Til now the day went pretty good, but then as soon as I arrived at work, I was feeling tired and worse off the new season for Longchamp arrived today! I was really excited opening up the new stocks though, I feel like it's an early christmas present from TNT hahaha. Honestly, the stocks at the moment are nothing overly wonderful, it's just the new season colours for the Le Pliage bags (folded ones), which are Praline, Bilberry, Lilac, Gris and Pink. I personally like the Praline, it's very different!!
Pink (good Lord it's not pale pink!)
Praline (very different!)
Bilberry (it's a really deep purple, not black)
Gris (it means grey! finally another neutral colour!)

Photo source: www.longchamp.com

Which one is your favourite? nothing? We are expecting more new styles and colours by next week and finger cross the shipment will include the new Kate Moss for Longchamp collection!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frock Stars exhibition!

Out of all the places I went, the one that I enjoyed the most was the trip to Powerhouse Museum. Lucky me, I made it to the Frock Stars exhibition sponsored by Rosemount to celebrate the 15th year of Australian Fashion Week. The exhibition is on till October 10, 2010, so if you haven't been to the exhibition yet, you better make your way there like RIGHT NOW! It's such a great opportunity since this doesn't happen every year, so don't miss it out!!! The exhibition takes you from backstage to front row, from the designer's work room to the final dresses; all in one. When I got there I freaked out in excitement and was like all over the place enjoying the setting and the scenes, it was totally worth the $5 ticket! here are some of my founding that I thought shall be shared with all of yous :)

Dress by Dion Lee. Simply in love with the draping details there!

A simple printed tee dress by Karen Walker (2000). It is effortlessly chic (or maybe the setting and pearl for the prop make this dress stands out).

Great creation by someone (I forgot the name), but love the innovative use of the rubbish bag as a full skirt. Adore the pleating details at the top.  
The Shell Shoes. Somehow it always reminds me of Miu Miu heels. It's not Miu Miu's btw.

Who wouldn't kill to walk in these heels?! I said this not bcos it's another genius creation from Louboutin, but look how sexy these heels are! Remind me of a sexy kitten LOL

Nicola Finetti's workroom.

One of NF's stunning dresses. Look at the craftmanship that went to the middle dress!!!!! W O W!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the sophistication in the details.

Peter Chang Genius creation of an expensive plastic bracelet. It took him 246hours to do this piece! It's HUMONGOUS in real life btw, I can't imagine myself wearing it, I probably will be stuck to my handbags' handles LOL. I think it's too unique to be worn in real life :)

I was wearing Witchery denim shirt, Stella Forrest leather mini skirt, Sportsgirl silver pearl bracelet, Myer leather biker gloves, Dotti Combat boots and Balenciaga city in Pomegranate 

What do you think of the very short tour of the exhibition? Interested to go there now? You better be! Hahahaha.

My heart tripped in Sydney!

Finally I'm back from my shortest trip to Sydney!!! It was a crazy and hectic 5 days trip since I had to go to lots of different places in such a short time. It was actually really windy over there but the outfits that I brought were totally ready for a Spring season! So I ended up doing some shopping for Winter clothing (well I guess it's another reason to spend hahahaha).
was wearing Sportsgirl parka, thrifted faux fur vest, ASOS belt, ZARA latex leggings, Dotti combat boots, and Balenciaga city in Pomegranate

My first impression on Sydney was 'Am I in China or what?!!' No offence or being racist here (i myself is a Chinese), but EVERYWHERE in Sydney was full of Chinese (even the sales assistant at Hermes)!!!! I felt that I went overseas not over east. The city has a really good vibe and alive though. If one day I have to move to Sydney for good, I'll make sure that I live in the city not in the suburban area. I don't know why but I don't feel it there, might be that I've been living in Perth for TOO long! But don't worry, if I have the chance to live in NYC, I'll die for it!!!!!! Hahahaha

The best Green Tea Brulee at Makoto.