Wednesday, August 18, 2010

McQueen Laptop Case

I totally need a break from my assignments and I happened to find this gorgeous McQueen laptop case exclusive to Net-a-Porter!!!!!! 
Photo Source: Net-a-Porter

It is a leather trimmed canvas case with the classic skull signature! It is only available at Net-a-Porter!! So if you have no clue on what to splurge yourself on, this might be the one you're after :) I really want it since I missed out on Marc by Marc Jacobs leopard laptop case, but it costs USD395 :(:( What I love about this laptop case is not just the skull print but the style of the zipper is very McQueen!!!!! Love it or hate it?


  1. Love it! I was actually writing a blog about this too :D I live on Net-A-Porter... :)

  2. do you by any chance know whether it's for 15inch or 13inch laptop? :) im thinking to get it, just hv to make sure it'll definetely fits my laptop hahaha :)

  3. GAHHH! This is amazing!!! I want this!!!

    love your blog, I saw you on IFB! You should check mine out ;)

    xo Ryley

  4. love this too! :)

    check out my comment on your blog :) xx