Friday, July 30, 2010

Hectic and Boring week

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog since last week. This week as been a hectic week, I have work the whole weekend last week and everyday this week. Well seeing the positive thing, I get more money before Uni starts and I need to save up to afford a black clutch! Hahaha. Yesterday I went pass Bally in King St and guess what, they have the doctor bags that Vogue picked in its August edition (read the previous post). Honestly, the bag isn't really that nice in real life or maybe it just doesn't suit my fashion style. Which ever reason it is, the final decision is nope I'm not getting it (actually, the real reason I'm not getting it is because I don't have the money lol). 

I have a good news!!!!!! I'm heading to Sydney next Thursday and be back on Monday night! Gosh, I've been waiting to go away from Perth this holiday and finally it'll happen next week! I am suppah excitedddddd!!!!!! Last night I started to put my outfits together thinking what do I need for a 4 days trip? Not much..? Well I think I'll manage to use up the weight (23kg) hahaha. I seriously want this trip to be perfect, meaning good outfits and great photos (and good shopping)!!! My sister in Sydney will arrange the places that we'll visit so hopefully she'll bring me to good places or else I'll be cracking mad at her ruining my one and only holiday for the year (hopefully not).

Any suggestions to good food and shopping places in Sydney? (This will help my life so much if you share it with me!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctor bag VS Satchel this season

Vogue Australia (Aug 2010) has some amazing trends picked up for this season, so go grab your copy today at your nearest news agency. Since I love (and can never get enough) of handbags, I'll give you a heads up; the Doctor Bags are back to do its job. Last season the satchel bag was the 'bomb' especially Mulberry Alexa's. They are still booming and lots of people still trying to get a hold of one or a similar one, but maybe for those who hasn't got one it's time to change your goal and start looking for a Doctor bag instead! (And for those who already have one, dump the satchel or let it relax for a while and look around for your Doctor bag).

Photo source: Vogue Australia Aug 2010

I definitely love what Vogue picked (Bally one), loving the shape and studs, they are simply stunning! But I don't think Bally in Perth has got one yet, but maybe the Sydney store has it. Well if you don't want to spend a fortune on this trend bag, why not get a vintage one that has a pretty good leather quality. I saw quite a few on ebay with a pretty affordable price. Another alternative is start looking for a Doctor who has a pretty decent bag and borrow it from them hahaha ;) 

What do you think of the doctor bags?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camel is the new black?

OMG!!!! I heart Chloe's F/W 2010-2011 collection so much! I just found the fashion show video on net-a-porter.

Video source: net-a-porter

I've always thought that Chloe's collection is very chic even though sometimes it might be too grown up for my age. The pieces that I love this season is its Camel Jumpsuit and Camel blouse paired with the pants! Uh oh not to forget the classic camel coat that's belted away. These pieces I reckon are very irresistible and I can think of a lot of outfits to wear with them.

Image source: Chloe

 Minimalist is back so get your gear ready for sleek and clean cut outfits. Chloe's show is filled with tan, blush and camel colour, they are very chic and elegant! So if you haven't had any of these colours, start your wardrobe make over today because trust me these colours never die! I've had my camel high waisted Sportsgirl 2 years ago, and now I am still wearing it as often as I can (both during summer and winter). These colours are amazingly go with anything! Zara has lots of Camel colour pants and skirts too. I have a full skirt last December and love it to bits and pieces. I usually pair it with my black shouldered blazer and it just looks effortlessly chic! I just bought a pair of pants from Zara with the same colour and totally can't wait pairing with my white blouse and tan heels! 

I reckon tan and camel are both really great for Summer and Winter. I know Winter is usually associated with dark deep colours, but why not stay away from these colours and make an impact with light colours. If you are planning a gate away to tropical island (Summer), then these colours are suitable. Whether it is a dress, skirts or pants, these colours bring a refreshing and effortless sophistication to your looks.

Another option to these colours is grey. From Marc Jacobs to Stella McCartney include grey as their theme colour. I guess the one key to this season's trend is stay away from black OR camel is the new black? What do you think?

Louboutin's mens collection!

Louboutin has done it again! From heels to sneakers, who would have thought this famous shoes designer will totally nail both?! In Nov 2009, the studded sneakers were born and not to forget the signature red soles also come along with them.

Photo source:

 When it first came out, I was shocked in a good way because I found it interesting since his designs before were focused on elegance and sophistication for classical women, and now he's designing for men too?! Well well well, these trainers are back this season exclusive for Harvey Nichols. So boys, what are you waiting for, get your ass in the line I heard the queue is pretty horrible!

Photo source:
Photo source:

Photo source:

It comes in Leopard, Metallic, and Crystal-Studded Sneakers. The retail prices in UK: Leopard (£595); metallic sneakers (£440); crystal-studded sneakers (£1,535). I am personally attracted to the Leopard one maybe because I have this female instinct hahaha. So if I were you boys, I wouldn't take my GF to have a look at the sneakers and if you end up with the leopard one, be careful not to wear it when your GF wears hers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Make a statement this season with wedges!

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I really felt I needed a huge retail therapy after feeling down not knowing what to  wear today. Finally, I put my vintage pale pink shirt and grey harem pants from Witchery together and belted it up with a thrifted dark brown skinny belt (to give more waist line to my body, I really need to define my waist by working out!). And I finally worn my newest pair of wedge out today (since the weather during the weekend was pretty ugly and I didn't wanna turn my baby to a fugly untreated pair of heels hahaha). My pomegranate Balenciaga City gave this whole outfit a subtle colour punch since too much colours isn't my cup of tea, no offence to anyone who does :)

My day was pretty boring, just went out and about with my mum (yes it's mother and daughter outing day minus the shopping). How was yours? Another boring Monday?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Unfortunately the giveaway isn't from my blog (I wish I have a sponsor who will throw a giveaway though) haha.  But I'd love to share it with you folks, it might be your luck to win this stunning shoulder piece. Click here to join! The competition closes on July 20, 2010. And follow the blog, she has a fabulous fashion taste and I enjoy reading her blogs :)

Good luck everyone!!

LFW Spring/Summer 2011

Are you looking forward for LFW Spring/Summer 2011 on September? Well I am very excited to see more bright and nude colours (finger-crossed) since my eyes are tired seeing lots of dark colours around the stores here. Click here to check out the official LFW schedule :)

The collections that I am very excited to see are Erdem, Burberry Prorsum, Sass & Bide, John Rocha, and Bett Jackson's! I am totally in LOVE with Erdem's, they are very youthful and simply gorgeous!! 

(Runway photos courtesy of LFW website)

Look at Erdem's pieces for A/W 2010, what not to love from his dresses? Loving the length, the shape, the fabric (OH-MY-GOD!!!) love it to the bones! And will definitely kill to wear the classic maxi dress! Classic cut with a little twist on the front. I just wish I can be one of the front-rowers and see all of these live.

There will also be a memorial for the most significant British designer, Alexander McQueen. It is very devastating that the fashion world lost one of the most brilliant designer :(:(

To stay updated, follow LFW on Twitter (@LondonFashionWk)or if you are a BlackBerry user download the special application here. This application is amazing! You can access to the designer information and biographies, LFW news and photo galleries, along with live updates whenever and wherever you are. Handy and helpful to keep on track with the fashion world!

Whose collections are you dying to see?

Friday, July 16, 2010

A shoe-day for the week!

I was working the whole day today at Hunt Leather (in King St.) which is the reason why I am really tired now and decided to stay in tonight instead of doing a late night shopping. It's been a stable day today, lots of people came in and some of them went out of the store happy and satisfied. You should check out the store too, we have lots of different brands and not forgetting styles of leather handbags and luggages to suit every individual's personal taste :) The most popular brands available are LongchampIl BisonteTumiLupo, and many more! Go to Hunt Leather's website and find the store in your state.

Well today is a shoe-day for me! I finally bought a pair of black wedges that I've been keeping my eyes on and I just feeling like buying more heels somehow (this is bad!). I love the straps and it is surprisingly very comfortable!! I was looking at the biker's leather gloves at Forever New too, but they don't have my size!!! :(:( It was such a bargain though!

What do you think about the wedges? :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was just browsing at Nicholas Kirkwood's heels, they are simply FAHHH-BU-LOUSSS!!!! I can't help but let myself drool over, looking at the collection! :( Apparently there's a store in Perth, Scanlan and Theodore, who actually stocks them so I'll probably check the store out sometime next week. Kirkwood's totally steal my heart both by its aesthetics and comfort. Here are some pairs that I adore.

(all of the images are in courtesy of Kirkwood's website)

All of them are a part of the current season (Spring/Summer 2010). The one thing that I've always adore about Kirkwood's is the cuttings and how they create interesting, unique and edgy looks! I also love the fact that he does different shapes of heels and soles! J'ADOREEEEEE!!! The most irresistible pair for me is the Pearl detail platform and the fact that it is a slingbacks makes it even more chic. I am totally speechless just loving it! 

What do you think about these heels?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The memories are written on the train track

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Yeay it's nice and bright today meaning a good day ahead!! I went to Claremont today because I was craving for the best teriyaki beef in Perth by Sunkatsura. I was wearing an oversized navy shirt from Ally (they have good clothes if you look thoroughly), my all time fave khaki shorts from Sportsgirl, black riding boots from Zara and black detective coat from Country Road.

Well well well, luck wasn't on my side, I couldn't spot Sunkatsura's new place or maybe they just haven't reopened yet. So we went to the nearest cafe, the Coffee Club. I don't usually go to Claremont since the distance is pretty far from home and I just realised there's this new shopping centre built called Claremont Quarters. The last time I went there was April 2009 and the centre was pretty much dead (I didn't even remember the name!), but it's gotten pretty busy these days which means another shopping destination in Perth :):):)

This is me and Natasha, who did a really great job in taking photos for the blog!! LOVEEEE all of the shots, thank you! :):):)

I had a really great (and tiring) day out today. How was yours? Care to share your thoughts? I don't bite that's for sure! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lemme be another karate kid!

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It's Tuesday, another boring day even though the weather is getting better over here. I stayed at home and rearranged my wardrobe since it was a mess and I couldn't find my scarf! Hahaha. Then I went to the movie and watched 'Karate Kid'. I was wearing the cheapest bargain t-shirt from Dotti (for $3!) and paired it with latex leggings from Zara. Surprisingly the night wasn't that cold so decided to wear my Oxford from Sportsgirl.

The movie was okay, well it was funny at some parts but I reckon it was a bit too long to get to the point. Or maybe my expectation was really high since everyone's been telling me that it is a really great movie. Overall, it's a good family movie :)

damn, my uni results will be out tomorrow! NOT LOOKING FORWARD to see it, plus this means the semester break is nearly over!!!! :(:(:(:(

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jean Pierre Sancho!

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Last week me and my friend went to a new French Patisserie on the corner of Shato Lane, Perth. It's called Jean Pierre Sancho. I was wearing a vintage faux fur vest (thanks to mom!), brown combat boots from Dotti, men's checked shirt (and you wouldn't believe where I got the shirt from!) from the local supermarket! Hahaha. And Brown Saskia Chloe bag.

 We ordered Ham & Pear Baguette and Ham & Cheese something... The lunch was okay nothing really special, BUT the desserts are FAHH-BUU-LOUSSS!!!!! If you are a dessert person just like me, this place is Heaven on Earth! Wide range of variations from basic eclairs to macaroons!!!

Blueberry, Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pistachio Macaroon

Mango something dessert! This tastes great too!

The place is holy packed during lunch time so better grab an early lunch and afternoon tea before the seats gone. The interior is well set, very French and oh the smell of the fresh baked breads are lingering! Highly recommended for a place to enjoy a cup of tea with a special companion :)

*Sorry about the low res images, will remind myself to bring SLR cam in my pocket (if it will ever fits to one)!

I miss the bright sunny Sunday!

The weather totally killed me! Sunday is supposed to be bright and yet yesterday was rainy and windy! So decided to have fun inside and went to a friend's house to do her make-up assignment. She did a high fashion make up on me and Peacock was her inspiration. Loveeeee the eyeshadow and of course the extravagant fake eyelash, it's AH-MAHH-ZINNGGG!!!! Finally she found the inner talent in herself hahaha. Uh-oh she also did the Business look as a part of her assignment.