Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Relaxing day out!

It's such a pity that I haven't been updating my blog regularly as uni assignments are getting on my way :( But today I had a chance to take a few photos around Leederville as it's my study week break!!! YEAYYY!!! The weather wasn't going too well over here, it was raining all day (well most of the day). 

Me and my friend went to Leederville to try this french cafe called Francois as they have beautiful looking desserts and macarons. It was a bit disappointing though as the girl wasn't very friendly and she's a bit unprofessional in food handling as she packed my dessert using her BARE HANDS! Yes no gloves no nothing! I'm usually not a clean freak but it annoyed the hell out of me! The desserts that I bought was the Pistachio with Choc Mousse and Raspberry with White Choc Mousse, they weren't as awesome as I expected them to be and the macarons weren't that amazing either! There's hardly any paste in it! Gosh what an experience! But love the place it's quiet and calm, a good place to relax when it's wet and windy outside.

parka from Sprotsgirl, Shirt from Witchery, Leather Skirt from Stella Forrest, accessories from Sportsgirl

Accessories from Sportsgirl, Clutch: Coach.
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  1. Theses are such cute photos! I am in love with this outfit! Super cute!


    Xoxo Ryley

  2. thankss ryley sweetie :)
    help me hype the look in Lookbook..? :D
    that's if you've time of cors hahaha.


  3. I love that jacket! its so cute!! do you know the blog Jess Loves Fred...you look a lot like that blogger, but just between you and me you are much prettier! thanks for entering my giveaway and following. Im following your blog now.


  4. awww thanks kat thats so sweet of you ;);) don't worry i wont spill the secret between us hahaha :)

    no worries, it's my pleasure to have updates from blogs I like :)