Friday, October 22, 2010

It is still Spring!

The weather over here is a bit all over the place, it's sunny, cloudy and windy on the same day making it difficult to decide on what to wear! I don't want to wear something so summery because it will be cold thanks to the wind, but I can't wear my shearling jacket either, I'll be burning hot! Please weather don't make me spend more than 30mins just to get dress to uni or work!!!!! Hahahaha..

So here is what I was wearing to work yesterday.

Playsuit from, CUE boyfriend blazer, Sportsgirl accessories and oxford.

I just bouth the playsuit last week from and it arrived on Tuesday, so I've decided to wear it yesterday as the weather was sunny and yet windy (that's why I need to pair the playsuit with the boyfriend blazer). I bought another playsuit from as well and I really really can't wait to wear it when the weather gets a bit warmer :):) 

I borrowed the straw hat from my workplace as I am still looking for the perfect one to complete my summer look! What do you think about the whole outfit? Love it or hate it?

I have also updated my LOOKBOOK. Check it out here :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An exclusive offer

So all of yous have probably read my previous post on, if you haven't here is the link to go straight to the post. Well, lucky you The Urban Apparel is giving all of my lovelies readers an exclusive offer of 15% discount on BOTH sale and non-sale items!

photo courtesy of

All you have to do is simply type the code "Exclusive Discount" during the checkout! It is as simple as that and you're entitled of 15% off EVERYTHING!!!!! The code expired on November 30th, 2010. So start your wardrobe makeover now!

The Urban Apparel just launched the new collections called the "Brit City Gear" and you can check it out here. Inspired by the iconic Union Jack and the Brits, this collection embraces the young, fun and irreverent look with cheeky tees, dandy shirts, statement rings, and watches in rich vivid colours. Sounds like you? Then check it out!

Here are some of the items that I am loving!

Loving this Stripe Slim-Fit Shirt! The knotting is totally the in!

If you love my "Love" knuckle ring, then this is another one to crave for! Loving the simplicity!! 

Absolutely the Brits with glitz! It reminds me of one of McQueen's ring! FABULOUS!

Key Bell Brass Ring. Simply adorable!

Strong and over the top accessorising is definitely the key item this season! 
Anything you like so far? Better grab it before anyone else does.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stay tuned!

I'm currently organising a special offer for my special readers :)
So stay tuned on the latest update on my blog just by following this blog on both blogspot and bloglovin'!

Won't be long lovelies, I'll be back with surprises!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Delivery day!

It's definitely my super happy day today! Guess what arrived at the door just then?! It's my order from Net-a-porter!!!!! I recently purchased a Miu Miu matelasse clutch that I have adored for a while but was sold out. The minute I saw that Net-a-porter already stocked it back, I asked my mum immediately if I could use her card. Yes I am pathetic I have no Credit Card at the age of 19 :(:( Anywhos, I bought the clutch right away on Thursday and wasn't expecting that it will come today!   

The beautiful box that the clutch came in with

Miu Miu Matelasse clutch
I bought the clutch for 286GBP and hoping that it wouldn't be doubled when converted to AUD, thank God AUD is very strong right now! (Did I just talk about politics and friends just then?) Anywhos, good things really happen when unexpected and thanks to Net-a-porter for making my boring day better!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

S for sequins and shorts

Just bought the Secret Squirrels sequin cardi from Pigeonhole (my all time fave boutique!) and the black shorts from the Urban Depot at Leederville. When I was about to buy the shorts, I wasn't too sure whether to buy or not since honestly I don't fancy my legs, they're HUGE!!!!! But the girl was telling me that there is no shorts that are too short anymore! Good point so I decided to get it! Hahahaha, the assistant had me! 

My fave knuckle rings, from Lovisa (left) and Sportsgirl (right)

I've been really really packed with assignments and work, I would love to reply everyone's comments (not that I have a lot haha) and blog everyday but I just don't have the time yet! But promise all of yous, once I'm done with these useless assignments I will update my blog regularly, so follow my blog as I will keep and share with you my beautiful findings this season :)

u-oh not to forget to mention that I've updated my Lookbook as welll. Click here to see and hype it :) xx