Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitten pumps are so FIERCE!

Whoever says that these low heels aren't doing the job is totally wrong! The A/W fashion shows proof that these kitten heels are totally FIERCE and kill the runway! From Stella McCartney to the classic Louboutin, they all lowering down its height (perhaps because lots of runway models fall on the catwalk). Here are some of my personal preferences ;)

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These McCartney is very classy and feminine, the classic pointy toes combined with the slingback perfect for the gala night out and summer. Flawless!

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Not sure what style suits you? Well this Louboutin's Decoltissimo 85 patent pumps is definitely your solution. Attention to details of the shape, these patent heels is perfect for everyday life to the perfect night out, it will go with everything in your wardrobe. Trust me.

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Feel that all of the above are too plain for you? Then this studded patent leather Miu-Miu is what you need to rock the red carpet. The studs are just at the right size without being over the top and still emphasis the heels as the focal point.

What do you think about these kitten heels? Love it or hate it? x


  1. Oh, wow. I need more kitten heels in my life...

  2. hahahaha yes you do :) i'm looking for one atm :D

  3. Hey! Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog! I lov yours as well and I'm following you too :DD

    oh & yes I watch the Rachel Zoe Project!!! I'm obsessed, I just can't get enough of her show!

    xo Ryley

  4. cute shoes!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  5. yes they are very cute indeed :)

    just checked your blog and entered the giveaway. finger cross i can winn xx