Friday, July 30, 2010

Hectic and Boring week

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog since last week. This week as been a hectic week, I have work the whole weekend last week and everyday this week. Well seeing the positive thing, I get more money before Uni starts and I need to save up to afford a black clutch! Hahaha. Yesterday I went pass Bally in King St and guess what, they have the doctor bags that Vogue picked in its August edition (read the previous post). Honestly, the bag isn't really that nice in real life or maybe it just doesn't suit my fashion style. Which ever reason it is, the final decision is nope I'm not getting it (actually, the real reason I'm not getting it is because I don't have the money lol). 

I have a good news!!!!!! I'm heading to Sydney next Thursday and be back on Monday night! Gosh, I've been waiting to go away from Perth this holiday and finally it'll happen next week! I am suppah excitedddddd!!!!!! Last night I started to put my outfits together thinking what do I need for a 4 days trip? Not much..? Well I think I'll manage to use up the weight (23kg) hahaha. I seriously want this trip to be perfect, meaning good outfits and great photos (and good shopping)!!! My sister in Sydney will arrange the places that we'll visit so hopefully she'll bring me to good places or else I'll be cracking mad at her ruining my one and only holiday for the year (hopefully not).

Any suggestions to good food and shopping places in Sydney? (This will help my life so much if you share it with me!)

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