Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The memories are written on the train track

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Yeay it's nice and bright today meaning a good day ahead!! I went to Claremont today because I was craving for the best teriyaki beef in Perth by Sunkatsura. I was wearing an oversized navy shirt from Ally (they have good clothes if you look thoroughly), my all time fave khaki shorts from Sportsgirl, black riding boots from Zara and black detective coat from Country Road.

Well well well, luck wasn't on my side, I couldn't spot Sunkatsura's new place or maybe they just haven't reopened yet. So we went to the nearest cafe, the Coffee Club. I don't usually go to Claremont since the distance is pretty far from home and I just realised there's this new shopping centre built called Claremont Quarters. The last time I went there was April 2009 and the centre was pretty much dead (I didn't even remember the name!), but it's gotten pretty busy these days which means another shopping destination in Perth :):):)

This is me and Natasha, who did a really great job in taking photos for the blog!! LOVEEEE all of the shots, thank you! :):):)

I had a really great (and tiring) day out today. How was yours? Care to share your thoughts? I don't bite that's for sure! :)


  1. I really like that shirt... I have got to go to Ally's ASAP!

  2. it's such a good buy! you should totally buy it ASAP! because they're running out of sizes :)