Friday, July 16, 2010

A shoe-day for the week!

I was working the whole day today at Hunt Leather (in King St.) which is the reason why I am really tired now and decided to stay in tonight instead of doing a late night shopping. It's been a stable day today, lots of people came in and some of them went out of the store happy and satisfied. You should check out the store too, we have lots of different brands and not forgetting styles of leather handbags and luggages to suit every individual's personal taste :) The most popular brands available are LongchampIl BisonteTumiLupo, and many more! Go to Hunt Leather's website and find the store in your state.

Well today is a shoe-day for me! I finally bought a pair of black wedges that I've been keeping my eyes on and I just feeling like buying more heels somehow (this is bad!). I love the straps and it is surprisingly very comfortable!! I was looking at the biker's leather gloves at Forever New too, but they don't have my size!!! :(:( It was such a bargain though!

What do you think about the wedges? :)


  1. Love them!! Absolutely beautiful shoes... <3

  2. Thank you :) they are adorable indeed :):)

  3. Hey.. Finally u bought it.. =D

  4. yeah i know, it's like finally! hahaha wait till i wear it ;)