Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lemme be another karate kid!

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It's Tuesday, another boring day even though the weather is getting better over here. I stayed at home and rearranged my wardrobe since it was a mess and I couldn't find my scarf! Hahaha. Then I went to the movie and watched 'Karate Kid'. I was wearing the cheapest bargain t-shirt from Dotti (for $3!) and paired it with latex leggings from Zara. Surprisingly the night wasn't that cold so decided to wear my Oxford from Sportsgirl.

The movie was okay, well it was funny at some parts but I reckon it was a bit too long to get to the point. Or maybe my expectation was really high since everyone's been telling me that it is a really great movie. Overall, it's a good family movie :)

damn, my uni results will be out tomorrow! NOT LOOKING FORWARD to see it, plus this means the semester break is nearly over!!!! :(:(:(:(


  1. Cute shoes! Yeah it was nicer weather-wise today. Still really quiet at work though :(

  2. thanks sweetie, it's from sportsgirl! it's the best oxford shoes ever! makes your feet look slimmer! hahaha