Monday, July 19, 2010

Make a statement this season with wedges!

(I've updated my LOOKBOOK, check it out here)

I really felt I needed a huge retail therapy after feeling down not knowing what to  wear today. Finally, I put my vintage pale pink shirt and grey harem pants from Witchery together and belted it up with a thrifted dark brown skinny belt (to give more waist line to my body, I really need to define my waist by working out!). And I finally worn my newest pair of wedge out today (since the weather during the weekend was pretty ugly and I didn't wanna turn my baby to a fugly untreated pair of heels hahaha). My pomegranate Balenciaga City gave this whole outfit a subtle colour punch since too much colours isn't my cup of tea, no offence to anyone who does :)

My day was pretty boring, just went out and about with my mum (yes it's mother and daughter outing day minus the shopping). How was yours? Another boring Monday?


  1. I don't usually like harem pants, but you totally pulled them off!

  2. @jade: really? I've always loved harem pants,they are really comfy btw. U shud try it :)

    @luna: thanks love xx :)