Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was just browsing at Nicholas Kirkwood's heels, they are simply FAHHH-BU-LOUSSS!!!! I can't help but let myself drool over, looking at the collection! :( Apparently there's a store in Perth, Scanlan and Theodore, who actually stocks them so I'll probably check the store out sometime next week. Kirkwood's totally steal my heart both by its aesthetics and comfort. Here are some pairs that I adore.

(all of the images are in courtesy of Kirkwood's website)

All of them are a part of the current season (Spring/Summer 2010). The one thing that I've always adore about Kirkwood's is the cuttings and how they create interesting, unique and edgy looks! I also love the fact that he does different shapes of heels and soles! J'ADOREEEEEE!!! The most irresistible pair for me is the Pearl detail platform and the fact that it is a slingbacks makes it even more chic. I am totally speechless just loving it! 

What do you think about these heels?


  1. You should post a pic of the ones you bought yesterday! Divine :)

  2. Yeah I will tonight, I hvnt hd a chance to transfer the photos from camera last night. Too tired! :) do you like any of these pairs?