Friday, September 3, 2010


Have you ever heard of AJE, an Australian label established by Edi and Aje? Well if you haven't, you better read this post till the end as I'm uploading their amazing collection! :)
One Shoulder Embellished Sequin Dress. OMGGG!!! I COULD DIE RIGHT NOWWW!!! The dress is super stunning, I'm speechless! LOVE!
A clever combination of sequin and jodhpur pants. Boyish but is still chic! Dress it up or down, it's your choice darling!

Gorgeous Embellished Sequin Top. Did you notice that the sleeves are actually designed to wrapped like gloves? Very feminine yet edgy! LOVE!

The Leather Pony Shift Dress. A very simple silhouette but is still unique in terms of the texture and the materials used!

The pictures above are just a few pieces from the collection that I picked out and thought really worth spending your bucks on! Go to their website (click here) and check out their complete collection and find out the nearest stockist in your area or you can even get it delivered to your door by shopping through their e-shopping.

So, do you think sequins are still in this season? I think it is still one of the statement pieces for the season in Australia. I personally reckon that sequins are a classic piece, it always comes back to fashion. ALWAYS!

Love it or hate it? I would love to hear from you xx

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  1. yes i love the pants as well! they are very innovative and would love to own one!

  2. I love all the sequins! I definitely need to add some more sequin pieces to my Fall/Winter wardrobe.