Monday, October 18, 2010

Delivery day!

It's definitely my super happy day today! Guess what arrived at the door just then?! It's my order from Net-a-porter!!!!! I recently purchased a Miu Miu matelasse clutch that I have adored for a while but was sold out. The minute I saw that Net-a-porter already stocked it back, I asked my mum immediately if I could use her card. Yes I am pathetic I have no Credit Card at the age of 19 :(:( Anywhos, I bought the clutch right away on Thursday and wasn't expecting that it will come today!   

The beautiful box that the clutch came in with

Miu Miu Matelasse clutch
I bought the clutch for 286GBP and hoping that it wouldn't be doubled when converted to AUD, thank God AUD is very strong right now! (Did I just talk about politics and friends just then?) Anywhos, good things really happen when unexpected and thanks to Net-a-porter for making my boring day better!


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