Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Beyond Garment Launch

So the Beyond Garment Launch was happening at 6.30pm at the Maritime Museum. It was my first time going to such an event and I was totally excited to meet and mingle with new people :) This is what I was wearing to the event.

Maurie & Eve singlet sequins dress, Zomp wedge

The event started with glass of champagne and finger food (they are very yummy indeed)! And then followed up by the opening speech by Mr Coles (Museum chief) and Flora (from PFF). Let me tell you a bit about The Beyond Garment exhibition, it is an exhibition showcasing fashion pieces by some of Western Australia's most creative designers and artists. The exhibition was launched after the 6 models did a short runway showcasing the main art pieces in the exhibitions. 

"Petal" dress by Alister Yiap. Love it and really wanna see it on! :)

Alister Tiap and Me. He's totally down-to-earth and adorable :) love him! check out his line by clicking here

Another one by Alister Yiap named Glacious Ring. Yes the ring is deliciously made up of sterling silver.
The Gold Clog by Zomp. My wishlist is just getting longer now!
This is the wedge that I was wearing, except mine is a plain black :) another one from Zomp 

How lovely are these oxford?!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Great job Marie Mazzuri!

"Trans-For-M-otion (I)" by Eunjeong Jeon. Look at the craftsmanship that goes to this piece. It's very Victorian, don't you think?

Creation of Jocelyn Tan. Love the outfit on the right, reminds me of grecian drapery but very edgy!

I really like the flats! Very vintage and totally in love! Another one by Jocelyn Tan

Infinity Blossom by Kristen Hudston. The colour was achieved using spray!!

L-R: Tallulah, Fame, Diva necklace or statement piece by Sophie Kryon, What I love about these necklaces is it dresses up a plain black outfit to a runway worthy dress! Will definitely look up for the stockist and perhaps starting to collect them ;) I love the third one on the right. Very classy and stylish!!!! 

Don't worry this is only the launch night, the exhibition will start tomorrow September 3 till November 28, 2010. It's FREE entry, so why waste a chance of witnessing these talented designers creating their imagination? The exhibition is at the Maratime Museum, Fremantle. This will worth the trip! :)

A big thanks for PFF who gave an accreditation to me, really appreciate it!! 

So what do you guys think? Which one/s do you like? Ciao for now :)



  1. Hey1 I remember thinking how awesome your shoes were when I saw you last night :)
    Hope you had fun, great photos as well :)

  2. hey candice! thank youuu, i saw your name in the media list but couldn't spot you :) I'll definitely say hi next time I see you around :)

    btw, are you going to any other shows during PFF?


  3. That's so cool that you got a media pass! Fantastic photos, you look gorgeous as always :) hmm Freo's a bit far for me, but I'd love to go see this :)

  4. these photos are magnificent! Plus your dress is so cute!

    xo Ryley